—  How did Puka come into your life?


Once upon a time on a hot Spring day in the city, Puka was at a bus stop... In 2011, my friend Roxy found Puka sitting at a bus stop in Los Angeles. Puka was about 12 weeks old and she was wearing a cute little bow tie. My friend already had a couple rescue pets of her own to care for so she called me. My boyfriend and I welcomed Puka into our family right away and she's been with us ever since. 


—  Does Puka have a cleft lip?


Puka was born with a cleft lip but it does not cause any health problems. She is one messy drinker, though!


—  Who is Rocket Larry?


Rocket Larry is an African Sulcata Tortoise and Puka’s best friend! I adopted Larry in 2009 from a man that could no longer care from him. Larry was 9 months old and only weighed 4 oz when we brought him home. He fit perfectly in the palm of my hand. He will grow up to 100-150 lbs and will most likely outlive me. He spends most of his time outside because he loooves sunshine and digging in the dirt. He is also 100% vegetarian. Some of Larry's favorite snacks are timothy hay, dandelions, bok choy, cactus, arugula, hibiscus flowers, strawberries, squash, carrots, and watermelon. If he were human he would probably spend his weekends at the Farmer's Market. 


—  What kind of dog is Puka?


 Puka is an American Bulldog/Boxer mix.


—  How did Puka get her name?


Her name is Puka, pronounced “Poo-kah”, like a Puka Shell! We named her Puka because her cleft lip reminded us of a puka shell, which is a symbol for good luck and safe travels in Hawaiian culture.


—  What are Puka's favorite activities?


Puka loves to swim, play at the beach, chase balls at the park, eat snacks, hang out at the neighborhood cafe, and accompany us on road trips. She travels everywhere with us! Puka has been on two cross-country road trips and flown to Hawaii multiple times. Puka also practices agility every weekend at the West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club. She is very athletic and runs so fast!


—  Are Puka and Larry best friends?


Puka and Rocket Larry have been best friends since they day they met. Puka took an immediate liking to Larry and Larry was never afraid of Puka. When they were babies, they would cuddle in Puka's bed. Now you'll catch them sharing snacks, checking in with each other to see what the other is doing, and every now and again you'll catch Puka sniffing Larry's face followed by a lick on his shell. They will pose for pictures and cool off in the kiddie pool together and whenever I have trouble finding Larry I'll tell Puka "find Larry" and she'll run around till she does. (This comes in handy whenever Larry is hiding!)

Puka and Larry’s friendship is very special because even though they are two different species, they have a strong understanding of each other’s personalities and actually share similar interests. They really enjoy hanging out together and being in each other’s company.